Anusara Yoga Workshop (with Bridget Woods Kramer, 18.-19.07.2020)

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Anusara Workshop with Bridget Woods Kramer

Date: 18.-19.07.2020, Saturday – Sunday
Time: Saturday 08 a.m. till 04 p.m.; Sunday: 08 a.m. till 04 p.m.
Price: 200€/ 150€* both days, 125€/ 100€* one day
*Early bird ticket(s) are available until 28 June 2020!

Registration here via online booking./ Verbindliche Anmeldung hier per Onlinebuchung (=Ticketkauf).

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Anusara Yoga with Bridget Woods Kramer

Saturday – Sunday, 18 & 19 July 2020

***Unterrichtssprache: Englisch***

In diesem intensiven Wochenendworkshop widmen wir uns den universellen Ausrichtungsprinzipien, die Grundlage von Anusara Yoga sind. Wir lernen, wie diese Prinzipien unsere Yogapraxis verbessern können und uns helfen, mehr Stärke, Flexibilität und Balance zu entwickeln. Die Ausrichtungsprinzipien basieren auf den anatomischen Grundlagen des Körpers. Wir werden die Anatomie und den Bezug zur yogischen Philosophie erforschen und den Zusammenhang von präziser Ausrichtung „auf der Yogamatte“ und geistiger Klarheit erfahren.

Dieser Workshop ist für alle Yogis geeignet, die ihre Asanapraxis verfeinern möchten. Für (angehende) Yogalehrer  ist der Workshop eine ideale Grundlage zur Verfeinerung des Unterrichts und von Hilfestellungen beim Unterrichten.


The key topic during the workshop weekend: “The Focus is the Journey“. 

Bridget will share her exploration of the subtle body with us. Whether inspired by the Kosha ‘s or Goddess practices. The Tantrika vision of the nature of an embodied conscious being. Who am I? What am I? What are the dimensions of the Self? In the Taitriya Upanishad these layers were called Kosha. The essential nature of the Self with in the self, like a Russian doll from gross to subtle. Lord Ksemaraji: “It is the nature of each layer to be pervaded by all the layers beneath it. Consciousness the subtlest of all is all pervasive, the body is the only layer where all layers of self can be experienced simultaneously.

Explore the wonderful Anusara principles in a strong and challenging practice with renowned Anusara Yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer.



Bridget will teach a backbend practice with the focus on Pranamaya Kosha.

Forward bends/twists and inversions bringing our awareness to Anamaya Kosha, Manomaya & Vijnanamaya Kosha.



Bridget will focus on the subtle energy practices of „mudras mantras“.

A handbalance practice finding the play between the Siva’s stillness and Shakti’s playfulness. A pulsation of life.

Tara – Star light. Tara is the Goddess that liberates from suffering, she is universal compassion and protects us from our fear. Her name means starlight. She is the Goddess energy that traverses and ferries the soul between realms. Bridget will teach a slow flow hip opening class leading to Padmasana (lotus pose), with mudras, mantra and meditation.



  • Saturday 08 a.m. till 04 p.m. (2 hours lunch time)
  • Sunday: 08 a.m. till 04 p.m. (2 hours lunch time)


  • Complete Workshop (Saturday & Sunday): 200€/ 150€*
  • *Early bird price with online booking until 28 June 2020!
  • Saturday: 125€/ 100€*
  • Sunday: 125€/ 100€*


  • Via online booking here on this website



About Bridget Woods Kramer

Internationally renowned yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer, commenced her yoga practices in India in 1975 embarking on an intense program of study and self practice to become a senior teacher. She has concentrated on teaching yoga since 1988. A leading light in the fitness industry for over two decades, Bridget is credited with introduction of the aerobics phenomenon in the UK.

Bridget’s Youtube© meditation and Anusara® Yoga Part 2 video’s have been viewed over a million times contributing to making her a leading figure in the Yoga community. As a visionary in the fitness market she has authored numerous articles and books. Recently released, she designed and demonstrated the Yoga practice in Triyoga’s most recent publication ‘Everyone try Yoga’. Instructing & presenting the included practice DVD.

She is known for her sense of humour, dynamic style of teaching and close attention to alignment detail. The Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training in Bali is considered to be one of the finest teacher training’s of its kind in the World & brings together Bridget, Carlos Pomeda & Ananda Leone in an intensive and uplifting program of Asana Study, Pranayama & Philosophy.

Bridget teaches regular Anusara® classes in Cornwall and London at Triyoga the UK’s ground breaking Yoga Studio with workshops, teacher training’s, immersions and retreats all over the world.

Bridget has studied Yoga with John Friend since 1994 becoming Anusara’s UK representative and the Co-Chair of certification accreditation.

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